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By simply skincare uk, Aug 27 2018 07:38PM

Nobody likes to talk about the menopause

...but it is a natural part of ageing for women. It usually occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, as a women’s oestrogen levels decline. In the UK, the average age for women to reach the menopause is 51. However, around 1 in 100 women experience the menopause before 40 years of age.

By simply skincare uk, May 7 2016 08:09PM

Most people don’t really understand all of the rewards a good professional facial can offer. Often, they will wait until they have a skin concern or have a special event on the horizon before booking a treatment. While this is absolutely fine, many frustrating problems can be avoided altogether (and a host of other benefits enjoyed) by following a routine of regular facials and advice on the correct at-home products with an experienced facialist.

Here are my Top 5 reasons for booking a monthly facial:


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